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Artists Statement

Marisela Rodriguez

 As a mixed media artist working on large canvases using fluid acrylic paint to tell a story, I mostly paint the feminine. All brush strokes have a meaning and express emotions: pain, struggles, anger, shame, fear, joy, passion, and sexuality, are just some of the emotions that are expressed.

Guided by the self-discovery that comes from self- inquiry and visioning, my inspiration arises from my feminine inner voice. Old stories are revealed, acknowledged, released and space becomes available for new stories. Layer upon layer of paint goes on the canvas with the final layer of paint being the transformation.

When I’m painting I escape, I escape to a world that is not outer or inner it just is. As there is depth in the soul, there is depth in the painting. Influenced by beauty, the unusual, the unexplained and the miraculous around us, my paintings are meant to empower.


Marisela Rodriguez, born in Havana, Cuba is a 30 year Florida resident. As a self-taught artist who has been drawing since a young age, it wasn’t until a life changing event occurred 11 years ago that she picked up her first set of paint brushes and she hasn’t put them down since. Her choice of medium is acrylics, she specifically enjoys using fluid acrylics for their high pigment levels and smooth flowing application when dry brushing. Marisela’s artwork is intuitive through intention and inspired by her inner voice. Her body of work is created through a process of mindfulness that leads to self-inquiry and visionary experiences that allow her to explore the Mind, Body, and Soul. Her ethereal and sometimes surreal artwork mainly concentrates on the divine feminine and symbols exploring inner struggles, and consciousness of self with the finale pieces reflecting strength, and transformation. Marisela has recently been able to explore further and honor her Cuban heritage, and it’s reflected in her current artwork. She believes by returning to her roots and honoring her heritage she can continue to further develop as a whole artist. She is currently working on publishing her book ‘Uncover the Veil’ showcasing her artwork and messages received during her self- inquiry. You can find Marisela most of the time in her art studio located in her home., she likes the flexibility of being able to paint at any time of the day and especially in her pajamas in the middle of the night.